Italdeco has in-house expertise to design and provide optimum levels of occupant comfort all year round and for the well being of customers, clients and employees.

Electrical Contracting

There are many various demands put on the modern building and none more so than those placed on the designers of electrical services to provide design solutions that meet the needs of the user, allow flexibility and are also both energy efficient and cost effective to maintain.

Italdeco provides specialized advice in all areas of electrical services design. Our range of expertise includes high/medium/low voltage systems, small power installations, standby power generation, UPS installations, lightning protection, security and access control, fire detection and alarms, public address systems, voice & data, radio & television, site services infrastructure and commissioning and testing.

On each project whether integral to the fit - out or dedicated to building services, our aim is to align ourselves to achieve customer targets by getting involved at the earliest stage possible to ensure goals are met at each stage of the process.

Working as an integral part of the fit - out team, we are able to balance our customers aspirations with engineering and budgetary constraints to provide high performance and where practical low energy controllable engineering systems.

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