Quantity Surveyor



Position Title:

Quantity Surveyor



To prepare cost benefit analysis, cost estimation and cost planning to control construction cost of the project.




Key Performance Indicators

Prepare the Payment Applications, Final Accounts and Variation Accounts to be submitted to the Accounts Department to process the payment of the Subcontractors/Suppliers/Clients.

% of accuracy of prepared documents based on the actual responsibilities, deliverables, payments, etc.


Prepare the Subcontract Agreements / Work Orders, etc. to define each party's responsibilities with respect to confidentiality, project deliverables, payment, or other issues.

% of delayed payments to the subcontractors


Prepare the Subcontract payment certificates to process payments of the Subcontractors/ Suppliers/ Clients.

% of delayed payments from the clients


Coordinate with clients for approvals of progress billing and variation order to collect payment for the project.

% of satisfied customers


Implement Quality Management System requirements to ensure customer/client’s satisfaction on the project.

% of errors based on the quality record against QMS policies and procedures


Maintain Quality Record in orderly and accessible manner to follow QMS policies and procedures of the company.

% of error in costing based on requirements


Identify all requirements during estimation to provide proper costing for the project.

% of errors in the estimation of type and cost of materials against the tender specifications and drawings


Estimate the type and amount of materials necessary to deliver the contract against the tender specifications and drawings of the project.

% of errors relative to the inconsistent preparation of documents



Prepare Bill of Quantities/Quotations to be submitted to the Client for approval.


% of delayed BOQ submitted to the client


Prepare the cost build up and analysis to know the budget flow of the project.

% of errors in the preparation of the budget flow


Prepare cost comparison sheet for Subcontractor’s quotations to get the Manager’s approvals.

% of quotations collected for comparison


Calculate the final figure for the estimated cost, supplemented by adjustments for overheads and profit, and presenting a tender price to be submitted to the Client.

% increase in profit


Prepare RFQ for the suppliers / sub-contractors as per the drawings and specifications to collect their quotation of the materials/works.

% of errors in the RFQ against the drawings and specifications



Minimum Qualification

Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering course

Minimum Experience

Three years of experience in the same field



Job Specific

Interpersonal Skills, Cost Benefit Analysis, Cost Estimation, Progress Billings/Final Payments

Generic Skills

Problem Solving, Analytical Ability, Communication Skills, Coordination Skills



Financial Scope

-Accountable in claiming Progress Billing/Payment Application to Clients

-Accountable in processing Payment Certificates of Sub Contractors

Reporting Staff


Decision Making Authority

- Approves payment certificates, variation claims, quotations of Sub Contractors



Working Environment


Internal Relationships

Operations Manager, Project Managers, Site Engineers, Technical Department, Production Department, Accounts Department

External Relationships

Clients, Suppliers & Sub Contractors


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