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Deliver services at all times to satisfy the needs of our customers, thereby ensuring satisfaction.

Our Quality, Health, Safety & Environment Policy (QHSE)

ITALDECO recognizes the fact that an efficient QHSE Management System has positive benefits to the company and that commitment to a high level of management system makes good business sense. ITALDECO also recognizes that QHSE is an essential function and must therefore continually improve, update and adopt to changes. Similarly, ITALDECO shall also do what is reasonable to avoid or to minimize any adverse environmental impacts from our activities, promote and adopt environmental sustainability initiatives. In order to achieve this aim, ITALDECO is committed to:

  •  Integrate QHSE into our business strategies, processes and manage effectively by implementing process oriented, integrated management system with respect and care for the environment and without compromising the health and safety of our people.

  •  Deliver services at all times to satisfy the needs of our customers, thereby ensuring satisfaction.

  •  Endow with safe working conditions and practices, to provide adequate control of HSE risks arising from our activities in all business operations and preventions of incident, pollution, and ill health of our employees, clients, sub-contractors, visitors, and others that may be affected by our operations. The scope of this policy extends to all construction sites, factory/workshop and offices.

  •  Meet or exceed all QHSE requirements. Evaluate our QHSE performance by monitoring results and through regular audits and management reviews, thus ensuring compliance with the ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 international standards.

  •  Consult with employees and ensure all who work on our behalf are adequately informed of identified risks and where appropriate receive relevant information, instruction, training and supervision.

  •  To continual improvement of our organization and to comply with customers’ requirements to improve the effectiveness of the integrated management system.

  •  All our employees are responsible for implementing, maintaining and promoting the policy within the organization.

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